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Creamline Whole

Fresh Whole milk from grass fed cows!  We purchase our milk from a community of family farms located in Central Pennsylvania and Northern MD.  Our farmers take the best care of their animals, giving them access to pasture year round.  We use minimal processing techniques including low-temp pasteurization.  We add NO additives to our Whole Milks. 

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Serving Size 1 cup (240mL/8fl.oz)

Calories 160 Dietary Fiber 0g (0%)
Calories From Fat 80 Sugars 11g
Total Fat 9g (14%) Protein 8g
Saturated Fat 3g (30%) Vitamin A 6%
Cholesterol 35mg (12%) Vitamin C 0%
Sodium 120mg (5%) Calcium 30%
Total Carbohydrates 11g (4%) Iron 0%


Ingredients: Grade A Pasteurized Whole Milk

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