Mission Statement

Trickling Springs Creamery & Ranch serve our communities with finest specialty dairy foods while promoting healthy happy cows, farmer sustainability, employee wellness, environmental stewardship, and quality food. Trickling Springs Creamery connects a community of family farmers and the products they produce with discerning consumers who care about the source and quality of the food that they eat.

Core Values

•  We believe animals should be cared for with a stewardship that respects the animal and their natural environment.

•  We believe that farmers should be paid fairly, recognizing their contribution to our communities, and enabling their family operations to be sustainable and multi-generational.

•  We believe that as stewards of our environment, our food production should be environmentally sustainable from the animal to the table.

•  We believe in simple, minimally processed dairy foods from grass fed cows and goats that will promote the health and safety of foods from the farm to the consumer.

FarmFriend Standards

•  Pastured Grass-fed Cows

•  Humane Animal treatment

•  NO rBST or other synthetic hormones given to any of our animals

•  Tightly restricted and discouraged antibiotic usage. Use is rare and only used when necessary  to return  a sick animal back to full health. If antibiotics are needed the milk is always discarded for a length of time not less than twice that of the minimum set by the FDA.

•  Environmental stewardship of our farms’ ecosystem

•  Minimally processed dairy foods

•  Worker welfare at all stages of the products


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