Our FarmFriend farmers hold to very strict standards in their production of our grass-fed milk. The best thing we can do is deliver it to  you fresh and processed as minimally as possible. We pasteurize with a low-temp pasteurization( 165°F for 15 seconds) and immediately cool the milk below 40°F. Our whole milk is bottled with NO ADDITIVES and is available without any homogenization ( cream-line milk ). If you prefer skim milk, you will certainly enjoy our nonfat milk. We do no reconstitute the milk, and with its naturally higher proteins ( from grass-fed cows ) you will notice the richer, fuller taste of our nonfat milk. All our products are processed without any added colors of artificial flavors.

We have a dedicated crew 30 people working in our production hall who love to hear when you enjoy our products. Drop us a line through our “Contact Page” and we’ll make sure they see it. Please identify which of our products is your favorite!


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