How can I contact you?

 We are eager to hear from you. You can email us through our Contact Page or call us at 717-709-0711


Can I recycle your glass bottles, and where should I return them?

PLEASE DO NOT throw away or recycle Trickling Springs Organic or FarmFriend milk bottles! We want the bottles returned to us so we can reuse them. We charge a $2 bottle deposit fee when you purchase the milk and offer a full refund when you bring the bottle back. All our bottles go through a hot-water soak, two high pressure wash sprays, two high pressure rinses, and a sanitizing rinse before they are filled again. As the bottles go down the line to the filler, they are individually inspected for their cleanliness.


What pasteurization do you use?

Our goal is minimal processing of the great milk we receive from our community of family farms. To that end, we pasteurize the milk with a low-temp pasteurization. We use an HTST pasteurizer set at the lowest temp allowed by law for this pasteurizer. The milk is heated to 161°F for 15 seconds and immediately cooled to below 40°F. We could pasteurize at a higher temp to gain a longer shelf life, but that higher temp would destroy more of the protein and enzyme structure naturally found in the milk. To read more about this, go here.


What is creamline milk?

Trickling Springs Creamery’s creamline milk is milk that has not been homogenized. This allows the milk fat (cream) to separate naturally to the top of the bottle. Shake the milk bottle to mix the cream back into the milk and enjoy. A side-to-side shaking motion will allow the milk to separate the cream from the side of the bottle and break up the cream plug at the top of the bottle. We offer creamline milk in whole and 2% varieties.


Do you bottle other varieties of milk?  How can I tell which milk I’m purchasing?

Yes we do! We bottle whole, 2% and nonfat milk as well as flavored milks and cream. See the following list for the bottle cap colors that identify the milk you are purchasing. The type of milk also is printed on the cap of each glass milk bottle as follows:

•   White – whole creamline (nonhomogenized) milk
•   Red – whole homogenized milk
•  Sky blue – 2% creamline milk
•  Blue – 2% homogenized milk
•  Green – nonfat milk
•  Clear – half & half
•  Cream – heavy cream
•  Brown- chocolate milk
•  White – dark chocolate milk
•  Red – eggnog


Do you sell raw milk?

No, we don’t. We support the use of raw milk and those who wish to purchase it, but it is illegal to transport raw milk across state lines, so we have chosen to produce low-temp pasteurized milk so people outside Pennsylvania can enjoy our fresh milk. This also allows us to process delicious products such as chocolate milk, eggnog, heavy cream, half & half, and butter.

Do you add vitamin A or D to your milk?

We are required by federal law to add vitamins A and D to our reduced- fat (2%) milk and nonfat (skim) milk. However, our goal has always been to provide you with milk processed as minimally as possible, so we do offer our whole milk without any additives. The 2% and nonfat milks are fortified with vitamins A and D.


Where can I find nutritional information about your milk?

 Visit the Product Page for the product that interests you or go to our Nutritional Information Page for links to nutritional information for all our products.


Can I make cheese with your milk?

Yes you can. We have heard many success stories from people using our milk to make cheese and anticipate hearing your story! If you make cheese using our milk, take  a picture of the chees with our milk bottle in the background and email it to us with your story about making it. We look forward to hearing about it. The following suggestions from people who have made cheese using our milk may help you get started:

Washington Post story
Kath Eats Real Food
Off the Vine Market story, no recipe

Washington Green Grocer, recipe included

Goat Cheese Chevre
Foodie Mom, recipe included 

Goat Cheese Ricotta
Ginger & Toasted Sesame, recipe included

Do you have peanuts or other tree nuts in your plant?

Yes, we do. We take every precaution to avoid cross-contamination, but we use peanuts and other tree nuts to make several of our ice creams. If you are allergic to peanuts or any nuts, we must recommend that you refrain from enjoying our ice cream.

Do you have gluten-free ice cream?

Our ice cream base is gluten-free, but not all our ice cream flavors are free of gluten. Here are several flavors of gluten-free ice cream you can enjoy:

•  Vanilla
•  Chocolate
•  Strawberry
•  Coffee
To check the ingredients in our ice cream, visit our Ice Cream Page.


Are your cows fed any grain?

We believe that cows should be free to graze year around, with up to a 100% grass-based diet, we recognize that some farms and cows are not yet prepared for this, so we allow for the feeding of Non-GMO grains, not to exceed 9lbs. per cow per day.


Are your cows fed genetically modified organism (GMO) feeds?

In 2010, we asked our non-organic farms not to raise any GMO crops. This was in direct response to our concern about the proliferation of GMO’s in our food system. Early in 2014, we started verifying the Non-GMO certification of our farms. We chose to use Non-GMO Project Verification and immediately started the process of verifying our organic milk and working toward verification of our FarmFriend cow and goat farms. Currently, we are in that process and plan to have our FarmFriend cow farms verified by the end of 2015 and our goat farms by the end of 2016. At this time, one of our FarmFriend goat farms are verified.


Are your cows given hormones or any performance-boosting supplements?

NO! Our farmers do not use any form of hormones or any production stimulants. We are serious about making sure cows can live as naturally as possible. For this reason, we’ve always had strict standards for the amount of grain our farmers are permitted to feed their cows. We do allow grain feeding (non-GMO-verified or organic grains), but we strictly limit the amount of grain the farmers may feed so it is not used as a production stimulant.  Cows naturally produce hormones in the process of creating milk, so we can’t use the statement that we do not use “hormones”. However. we can assure you our farmers are not giving our cows additional hormones or other stimulants.


What breed of cows do you have?

Our local farmers have a variety of breeds, but we require the predominance of heritage breeds rather than the newer breeds selectively bred to produce milk quantity rather than milk quality. See the breeds on each of our farms as well as pictures of the farm on each farmer’s page.


Do any of your farms have fracking wells?

No, we do not accept milk from farms that have fracking wells or farms adjoining areas with fracking wells that affect that farm’s air or water quality.


May I take a tour of your plant or farm?

I’m sorry, but liability concerns prohibit us from giving tours of our production plant. We do, however, have a large viewing window in our Creamery store through which you can watch our production crew bottling your favorite milk most mornings Monday through Friday. Several of our farmers warmly welcome visitors. For details on visiting a farm that supplies us with milk, visit our individual farm pages here or email us at


Do offer home delivery?

We do not offer home delivery, but we do partner with some great home delivery services that would love to deliver our products to your front door! Visit our Milk Delivery Page  for a list of the great people who offer delivery of our products to your door.


Do you offer online ordering?  Can I order the shipment of butter, cheese, ice cream, or other products to my house?

I’m sorry, but currently we are not set up to process orders and ship our products around the country. Thanks for your interest in our products.


Where can I find FarmFriend grass-fed dairy foods?

 Visit our Retail Store Locator  for the local retailer near you who carries our products.

If you wish to see a particular store carry our products, please email us through our Contact Page. We will be happy to contact the store to see whether they will carry our products!

If  you operate a retail store, restaurant, or coffee shop and wish to sell or use our products, please contact us, and we will be happy to follow up with samples and information on how you can obtain our products!

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