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Who is FarmFriend?

In 2001, Trickling Springs Creamery stated with certified organic milk production using a plant that was not yet certified. One year later, when we received  organic certification, it became clear that we had built up a market interested in our high-quality grass-fed milk but not in the certification, so  we continued selling Trickling Springs natural milk. In 2011, we realized that we had to change the way we marketed our milk. The word “natural” was becoming (and still is) greatly overused and misused to the point that it has no definite meaning. We have always aimed to be transparent with our consumers, but confusion existed between our organic and natural products, with our consumers needing to study the caps of bottles to determine which product they were purchasing. We needed to establish a separate brand that definitely stood for something and was not defined by the conventional definition of “natural.”

In 2012, we launched the rebranded version of our Trickling Springs natural milk as FarmFriend! This brand would support grass-fed dairies transitioning to certified organic status or farms committed to a very strict set of standards. Later in 2012, we also launched a line of fresh goat milk from small goat farms in central  Pennsylvania.

Our upcoming goals include non-GMO project verification for all our products and tightening of our restriction on the minimal amount of grain fed to the cows of our suppliers

We strive to meet the following, a high set of standards in all our endeavors:

•  We believe animals should receive care with a stewardship that respects the animal and its natural environment

•  We believe that farmers should receive fair pay that recognizes their contribution to our communities and enables their family operations to be sustainable and multi-generational

•  We believe that employees are integral to supplying quality food to our customers and should be highly valued and treated with dignity and respect.

•  We believe that as stewards of our environment, our food production should be environmentally sustainable from the animal to the table.

•  We believe in simple, minimally processed dairy foods from grass fed cows and goats that will promote the health and safety of foods from the farm to the consumer.

FarmFriend Standards

•  Pastured grass-fed cows

•  Humane animal treatment

•  No rBST or other synthetic hormones given to any of our animals

•  Tightly restricted and discouraged use of antibiotics *Used rarely and only when necessary to return a sick animal back to full health. If antibiotics are needed, the milk is always discarded for a period not less that twice that the minimum set by FDA.

•  Environmental stewardship of our farms’ ecosystems

•  Minimally processed dairy foods

•  Worker welfare at all stages of production 

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